Book Recommendation Day – Child of the Daystar

Book Recommendation Day – Child of the Daystar

I read this book a few weeks ago, but realized that I hadn’t posted my review here. It’s a phenomenal book that I’d definitely recommend reading and I can’t wait to see where the third book in the series goes.

O’Connor creates a world with a great deal of depth, including a history reaching back hundreds of years. The traditions of the various groups are rooted in “historical” facts and reflect a significant amount of thought, and the progression of time throughout the book results in even more history unfolding around the characters, even when it isn’t directly caused by them (something so many authors miss.) I’m a sucker for good worldbuilding and O’Connor does a fantastic job.

Raz’s struggle for humanity is wonderfully shown. You cannot help but empathize with the character, even though he is very obviously not human and is shown fighting issues that, for the most part, we don’t struggle with.

My only real complaint is that a lot of the beginning of the book is taken up by prophecies and foreshadowing, but the events being foretold don’t take place in this book (or the next, for that matter.) The third book hasn’t come out yet, but I think a lot of the payoff from the foreshadowing will be lost just by the enormous gap in time. Fortunately, the pacing doesn’t really suffer, and it’s at least well-done foreshadowing.

All in all, Child of the Daystar is an awesome book, which I highly recommend. I immediately started reading the second book in the series, The Warring Son, after I finished this one and I’m excited to say it was even better.

Find the first book in Bryce O’Connor’s series here.

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